Give children the


they need to choose healthy foods and be physically active!


Choose your subscription

Healthy Schools, Healthy Communities™ (HSHC) subscriptions are available for three levels of programming: Pre-K and Kindergarten, Lower Elementary, and Upper Elementary.


Get your resources

In addition to your subscription, several resources are needed to use HSHC™. Add to your cart any that you do not already have.


Inspire positive change

Go out and give children the information, practice and support they need to choose healthy foods and be physically active.

Healthy Schools, Healthy Communities™ (HSHC) is a complete, easy-to-use program that provides you with the tools to help children and families eat better and move more.  Everything you need from start to finish is here, including ongoing support and technical assistance for educators.  The messages are consistent, and the lessons are designed by educators and tested by children who get to practice what they learn in school, at home, and in their community.

What is Healthy Schools, Healthy Communities™?

Why should I use HSHC™?

It’s easy. Everything you need from start to finish is right here, and it maximizes your limited planning time.

It minimizes prep time. Choose units, activities, physical activity breaks and recipes; customize the Family Letter and read the unit introduction and activities.  You’re ready to go!

It streamlines your evaluation responsibilities. Identify behavior changes, fidelity of program delivery, and ways to improve your program.

Children love it! Activities are fun, and healthy snacks are delicious.

Teachers and administrators love it! You select the resources, use them, and evaluate behavior change.  Communities benefit from engaged families and healthier, empowered kids.

Content is consistent with SNAP-Ed messages.


>> Click here for the HSHCTM evaluation infographic

When you subscribe to HSHC™ you get a program with multiple components that work together and empower children to choose healthy foods and be physically active. The Ensuring Success User Guide introduces the program and explains how to use it.  Core resources can be downloaded, including:

  • A Healthy Snack Recipes booklet
  • A customizable Family Letter
  • A graduation certificate
  • Evaluations to identify behavior change and to improve your program

Your subscription also gives you access to updates and support where you will find:

  • Handouts and links to activities or resources that support lesson themes
  • A blog to share best practices, teaching, and classroom management strategies
  • Ongoing FAQs
  • Background information for continual professional development

What do I get with my HSHC™ subscription?

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