I teach grades K-5, do I need to subscribe to all three levels?

Yes, they will be targeted to educators who teach at the Pre-K/K level, Lower Elementary (Grades 1-2) and Upper Elementary (Grades 3-5), to teachers at those levels, or parents of children at the three different levels.

Does each educator need their own subscription or should we share?

Each educator should have their own subscription and login.

Can we continue using Healthy Classrooms, Healthy Schools™ or are we required to switch to HSHC?

You can continue to use HCHS.  MFF will provide support at least through FY20.

What books from the Health Through Literacy Kindergarten book set are used in Pre-K/K activities?

Wash Your Hands (Margaret McNamara), I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato (Lauren Child), We Like to Move (Elyse April), and Feast for 10 (Cathryn Falwell).

The subscription is for 12 months. Do I need to subscribe for 2018 and 2019 to have access through the school year?

The subscription begins the day you subscribe and continues for 12 months from that day; it is not based on a calendar year.

Do I need to check with my MFF project manager if I am switching to this program?


Are the process evaluations required if we use HSHC™?

No, they are optional.

Can I substitute other physical activity breaks for the Fit Bits™?

Fit Bits™ are an important part of the program because they include nutrition messages that are consistent with HSHC™ lessons and MyPlate; it is strongly recommended that you use them.

Is it OK to use different recipes than the recommended ones?

Yes, check with your MFF project manager.

What version of Fit Bits™ should be used for Pre-K?

Kindergarten Fit Bits™.

Is it SNAP-Ed allowable to purchase the books recommended in Lesson Supplements?

Yes, if they are part of your proposed intervention and your budget is sufficient.

Does HSHC™ teach any topics in addition to the ones in HCHS™?

Yes, a unit on food sources/gardening has been added.

Where can I find the Lesson Planner?

Can we order the recipe booklets or the graduation certificates in quantity from MFF?

Not at this time.

Where are the handouts that I need for the activities?

Links to the handouts will be provided on your My Subscriptions page as part of your subscription.

Were all the new activities pilot tested with children?


Is everything that I need to implement this program available to purchase on this site?


Is there a discount if we purchase multiple subscriptions?

Yes.  You will receive a 5% discount if you purchase 10 or more subscriptions.

Are other resources shown on the website the same as before or have they also been revised?

They are the same (Fit Bits, Health Through Literacy Take-home Book Bag and Book Sets, Food Model Cards, MyPlate posters).

How long is each lesson?

Pre-K/K lessons are 30-45 minutes and Lower and Upper Elementary lessons are intended to be 45-60 minutes long based on which and how many activities you choose.

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