Health Through Literacy™ Classroom Book Set, Pre-K and Kindergarten


Needed for 4 activities in the Pre-K/K level

Sharing healthy eating messages and promoting physical activity by using high-quality children’s books is an effective strategy to reinforce concepts taught in HSHC lessons. The Kindergarten book set includes six books that were selected based on the strength, accuracy, and appropriateness of health messages. Books in this set are used in four of the 17 activities in the Pre-K/K level of HSHC. This book set is needed by educators that plan to teach those activities. Ideally, classroom teachers would also have these books to use between lessons as part of language arts instruction.

HTL book sets are also available as a supplemental resource for Grades 1-5. They include books that are recommended in the Lesson Supplements for each HSHC unit.

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