Health Through Literacy™ Classroom Book Set, Grades 1-5


Sharing healthy eating messages and promoting physical activity using high-quality children’s books is an effective strategy to reinforce content taught in HSHC classroom lessons. Five or six high-quality, grade-appropriate children’s books are packaged in a colorful, zippered cloth bag. Books were chosen based on the strength, accuracy, and appropriateness of health messages. Each book can become a lesson by using the Tip Sheet fastened inside the front or back cover. The Tip Sheet identifies key concepts, discussion points, simple food tastings consistent with the theme, and suggestions to integrate the health message into other subject areas.

None of the books in the sets for Grades 1-5 are required to implement HSHC activities for Lower and Upper Elementary levels, but all are recommended as Lesson Supplements to reinforce the activity messages. The book sets are an awesome way for classroom teachers/site educators to provide nutrition education between visits from the nutrition educator.

The HTL book set is also available as a needed resource for Pre-K/K.

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